IV Sedation

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? At Pleasant Plains Dental, we are confident that we can help you relax and get through your dental treatments, even if it involves an extensive or multi-step procedure. We offer a full range of options in sedation dentistry, ranging from nitrous oxide to IV Sedation. Our dentists are uniquely licensed to administer intravenous sedation with the highest regard to patient safety. IV sedation has helped countless patients tolerate the dental treatments they need and deserve for optimal oral health. If you have been avoiding a root canal, dental implants or tooth extraction due to fear or anxiety, please ask us about the benefits of IV sedation at Pleasant Plains Dental.

What is Intravenous Sedation?

Intravenous or IV sedation is often referred to as “twilight” sedation. It is a moderate form of sedation that allows patients to remain in a very relaxed state throughout their procedure. It involves the use of sedative drugs that are administered through an IV. Rest assured that this form of sedation is safe and will be carefully monitored by one of our dentists. At any point during your procedure, the IV sedation can be adjusted and the effects reversed.

This deeper form of sedation is excellent for patients who suffer from severe dental anxiety or for those that need a more invasive or lengthier dental procedure. The effects of IV sedation wear off quickly and most patients do not even remember the details of their actual procedure. It is recommended that you have someone accompany you to your appointment so that they can drive you home.

At Pleasant Plains Dental, we understand that patients have different levels of fear and anxiety when it comes to the dentist. Whether you have had a traumatic experience as a child or feel uneasy about a more extensive dental treatment, you can trust that we have ways to help you relax. Your dental care should be painless and rewarding at all times. If you feel that IV Sedation would benefit you or help you take advantage of the dental treatments your smile needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Pleasant Plains Dental today to schedule an appointment. We have licensed IV Sedation Dentists in Indian Trail who are ready to eliminate your anxiety today.