New PDF release: Alternative Uses for Agricultural Surpluses

By R. Mildon (auth.), W. F. Raymond, P. Larvor (eds.)

ISBN-10: 940094327X

ISBN-13: 9789400943278

ISBN-10: 9401084238

ISBN-13: 9789401084239

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The market value of ethanol/methanol in this sector is £170/te. The production cost of agriculturally derived ethanol is considerably above this value as shown in Table 6. Table 6 Production Costs for Ethanol ex Sugar Juice (at £106/te) and Molasses (£166/te) Plant size Variable costs sugar other RMs 44K te/y sugar at £106 210 63 32K te/y molasses at £166 370 101 Fixed costs 41 24 Return on capital 46 52 360 547 Thus it appears very doubtful whether a case can be made for large scale agricultural ethanol as long as the world gasoline market remains outside the EEC.

AlF-Ratio Material Resistance Fuel Additives • (Material Change) Exhaust Car Emissions Ignition Limits (lean Burn Effects) • Evaporation Heat • Combustion Behavior. Oxydation Products • Conflict between Octane Rating and Volatility Demand Fig. 30. Effect of oxygenates on Fuel and Engine Criteria 35 Octane number 105 Premium - - i . - - - - t - RON f----+-r-----+~ __-r__RON ~_-+--MON ~_-MON 0,150,2 0,4 0,6 lead Content 9 Pb Fig. 31. Octane Quality/Lead content Premium Gasoline /92 98 ~- -RON / ......

The hydrogenation of D-glucose into D-sorbitol is one of the most important industrial operations performed on this product. It corresponds to an annual world production approaching 500 000 tons (Figure 2). Fifty thousand tons per year is used for the production of Vitamin C according to Reichstein's synthesis which we will come back to later on. It intervenes in the making of numerous polymers. The dibenzylidene sorbitol obtained by condensation with the benzaldehyde, used as an additive in the polyethylenes, increases transparency and rigidity.

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Alternative Uses for Agricultural Surpluses by R. Mildon (auth.), W. F. Raymond, P. Larvor (eds.)

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