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By Randall G. Holcombe

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Democratic judgements confirm the al­location of assets during the public sector. Holcombe makes use of the median voter version as a base, yet is going directly to improve a extra normal multidimensional version of democratic choice making that incor­porates many theoretical advancements of the prior decade. He focuses upon the consultant physique of presidency and the truth that representatives can revenue extra from passing laws to profit distinctive pursuits than from passing laws within the normal public interest. Using those insights Holcombe devel­ops a version that describes the allocative results of creating fiscal judgements through majority rule. The version describes a reliable equilibrium consequence for majority rule judgements made in a multidimen­sional environment; it's a logical extension of the framework demonstrated in his well-received Public Finance and the Political strategy.

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Not everyone will agree with the model's development or conclusions, because although the main building blocks of the model have their origins in the works of others, not all existing work on the subject is in agreement. My own efforts in developing the model and drawing out its logical implications make this book an independent statement about the nature of representative democracy and its implications for resource allocation. As such, the book can be judged on its own merits, independently of the other literature in the area.

James M. Buchanan read and commented on some early manuscripts that evolved into this book, but deserves credit over and above his comments on this specific work for the influence he has had over my general thinking on the subject. My many references to his work give some indication of his influence, direct and indirect, over the content of this volume. Gordon Tullock also deserves prominent mention, again for comments rendered on earlier material, and also for the influence that his work has had on the views expressed in this book.

Second, the benefits of general public interest legislation will be very diluted, and will extend beyond the representative's own constituents. The representative will be benefitting those who cannot vote for him or her, and even the representative's constituents will receive diluted benefits rather than the concentrated benefits that could be delivered with special interest benefits. This will dilute voter loyalty as well. Considering the drawbacks to sponsoring legislation in the general public interest, probably the greatest factor discouraging public interest legislation is that time and effort expended to promote public interest legislation takes away time the representative could have Page 9 used to sponsor special interest legislation.

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