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It is best to leave all of these to persons trained and expert in these areas. These different areas are part of the total creative process. And, if we are not aware of them in the histories of creative works that have passed through the process successfully, then we become painfully aware of them through the histories of the failures—not just the negligible failures but those that have to go Summary 39 through another process of rediscovery, not because the intrapersonal processes were not carried out well but because the ball was dropped when the interpersonal aspects of the creative process came into play.

He works in an environment in which he feels psychologically and even physically unthreatened and comfortable so that he can relax the barriers that exist between himself and the outside world, as well as the barriers that may exist within him. This individuality and uniqueness is also manifest in his self-confidence, courage, tolerance of ambiguity, capacity to move forward in the face of anxiety, etc. Cognitive Factors Coexisting with the aforementioned personality characteristics are characteristic thought and perceptual processes.

The term "creative" should be reserved for those processes and those individuals whose behavior follows the creative process and not the other processes of achieving novelty. Novelty and Cultural Values Statements of what is novel are culture bound, and the kinds of persons who are valued for creating novelty also vary as a function of cultural characteristics. At the height of Greek culture it was the philosopher-thinker who was most highly regarded. But when the Romans achieved prominence, it was the man of action, the doer, and the practical man who was most valued.

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