Durable Dental Implants in Indian Trail, NC

Missing teeth can make daily activities, like eating and smiling with confidence, much more difficult. If you have a missing tooth or need a tooth removed and replaced with a durable dental restoration, ask our team about dental implants. Dental implants can make a huge difference when it comes to overall health and quality of life. Contact our office today!

smiling woman looking at her smile in a mirror

What makes someone a good candidate for dental implants?

Not everyone is a great candidate for dental implants, but our team always does our best to ensure that a patient has a low risk for implant failure before we proceed with treatment. Before one or more dental implants can be placed, the patient needs to have a strong, healthy jawbone or undergo a bone graft procedure. Patients should also be in general good health and either nonsmokers or willing to quit for several weeks. During your consultation, our team will review your medical history, current health status, and medications to determine if you are a good candidate for implants.

smiling woman looking at her smile in a mirror

Why do patients choose implants over other restorative treatment options?

Patients tend to prefer dental implants over alternative treatment options, like dental bridges and partial dentures, for a few reasons. Since dental implants are placed in the jawbone, they feel much more like teeth than other restorations that sit on top of the gums. Likewise, patients often feel more confident eating with dental implants for the same reason, and there are no food restrictions to worry about. Dental implants also help keep the jawbone strong, so patients don’t have to worry about their faces appearing asymmetrical or sunken in.

Are dental implants expensive?

Dental implants are often more of a financial investment than alternative treatment options. This is because getting a dental implant placed is a surgical procedure, and the start-to-finish process involves a few visits with our team. At Pleasant Plains Dental, we always want our services to be accessible and affordable for our patients. During your complimentary consultation, we will go over our financing options with you to ensure that your dental implant placement will work well for both your smile and your budget.

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