Root Canals in Indian Trail, NC

Root canals are a dental procedure done to restore the health of a tooth that has become damaged or infected. An infected tooth or one that has been cracked is very painful, making eating, drinking, and even talking unbearable. While many people dread the thought of having a root canal done, it is a necessary dental treatment that requires prompt attention in order to restore the health of the tooth. Choosing to put off having a root canal done could easily mean that you will lose your tooth altogether – creating even more drastic complications and needed dental work.

Root canals are done by removing the nerve and pulp from the center of the tooth. After this removal, the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned, the infection (if present) will be treated, and the tooth will be sealed to prevent future infection from occurring. This process is a very common procedure and it will alleviate your painful symptoms, while also restoring the health of your tooth. Do not let the fear of a root canal keep you from having this needed procedure performed. Our team is filled with experienced and compassionate dentists who provide the highest standard in care and comfort. Adequate sedation will be provided to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure, and you will leave with a restored tooth and healthy mouth.

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Root Canal Therapy in Indian Trail, NC

Pleasant Plains Dental is the dental practice that you and your loved ones can trust here in Indian Trail, North Carolina for effective and gentle root canal therapy. It is extremely important that an infected or damaged tooth be treated as soon as possible because they can easily pass the infection or damage on to neighboring teeth. Root canal therapy can be done to save the tooth and avoid further damage to the teeth and gums.

The entire dental staff at Pleasant Plains Dental is committed to helping patients achieve optimal oral health and will go the extra mile to ensure that your comfort and expectations are met. Any sort of oral pain that does not go away within a couple of days or any oral pain that is excruciatingly painful needs to be addressed immediately. Putting off a necessary root canal therapy procedure can cause harm to the rest of the mouth. Root canal therapy is actually a procedure that is done to not only relieve pain, but it is also done to prevent more serious oral health issues from occurring.

Do not put off root canal therapy. Our team are here for you, please contact us today! Please contact us today.

Root Canal FAQ

Are root canals painful?

Root canals have a reputation for being very painful procedures, which stems from how root canals used to be performed and how painful they were. Fortunately, today’s root canals are completely painless thanks to local anesthesia. The gums near the tooth are always numbed with a quick injection of local anesthetic, after which patients will only feel slight pressure on the tooth, but no pain. After your procedure, we recommend having over-the-counter pain medication on hand in case you feel any pain or discomfort after your appointment.

What are the signs that a patient needs a root canal?

The only way to know for sure if you need a root canal treatment is by scheduling a visit with an experienced dentist to have your tooth assessed. However, if you have any of the following symptoms, that can indicate that a root canal treatment may be necessary:

  • Moderate to Severe Toothache
  • Sudden Tooth Sensitivity
  • Tender or Swollen Gums
  • Change in Tooth Color
  • Bump on Gums Near Tooth

Are there any alternatives to a root canal?

Once the pulp inside of a tooth has been infected, it must be removed to treat the infection and restore the tooth. The only other option would be to remove the tooth altogether, which can sometimes be necessary if a tooth is too damaged or weak to be restored. We always want our patients to keep their natural teeth whenever possible, so if a root canal treatment has been recommended for you, it’s likely your best treatment option. Whichever dental service you need, our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to help!