Dr. Ernst at Indian Trails Elementary School

Dr. Ernst believes that all of his patience deserve quality care that is tailored to their needs by considering not just their dental hygiene, but other factors such as age and personality. It’s how he’s able to make patients young to old feel comfortable in the dental chair. He furthers this by being an active member of the Indian Trail, NC community.

Reaching Out to Kids

Q: What month is National Children’s Dental Health Month?

A: February

Dr. Ernst speaks at Indian Trail Elementary School

In February, Dr. Ernst took a trip to Indian Trail Elementary School to discuss the importance of good oral hygiene with a group of 5th graders. At first, these kids weren’t really sure how interesting dental hygiene would be. However, Dr. Ernst brought some fun gadgets and tools to let the kids experience a little of what he does as a dentist, and engaged them in active communication about how they feel about visiting the dentist.

A few minutes in, the kids were laughing and listening with keen interest to what Dr. Ernst had to say about keeping their teeth healthy.

Kids use Dental Tools with Dr. Ernst at Indian Trail Elementary School

Until next year, Indian Trail Elementary! Thank you for having us!