Are Braces or Invisalign Faster?

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Orthodontic treatment gives you a beautifully straight smile while also improving your overall oral health. Straighter teeth are easier to brush and floss, plus they can increase your motivation to keep them looking nice and healthy! When you’re considering your orthodontic treatments options, you may wonder if braces or clear aligners, like Invisalign® or ClearCorrect, is the faster route.

Straightening Teeth with Braces

Braces consist of brackets that adhere to each tooth and are connected with a metal wire. The brackets are usually either ceramic or metal. With braces, you can’t forget to wear them but you can damage them if you bite into certain foods, like corn on the cob, whole apples, popcorn, hard bread, caramels, and crunchy veggies. Oral hygiene requires meticulous care to clean around the brackets and under the archwire.

Clear Aligners

Invisalign and ClearCorrect are clear alternatives to braces. Treatment involves clear aligner trays that gently push teeth into new positions. Some cases require tooth-colored button attachments on the teeth to increase the treatment’s straightening power. The trays are removed to eat and drink anything other than water. Oral hygiene is simpler since you don’t have brackets and wires to clean around. However, you must remember to wear your trays at least 20-22 hours a day and to regularly clean them and your teeth.

How Fast Is Orthodontic Treatment?

The ultimate choice between whether braces or clear aligners is right for you may come down to the correction your smile needs. Braces can correct mild to severe misalignment, while clear aligners can fix mild to moderate issues. Some patients would benefit from either option, while others need the power of braces.

On average, braces can take 18-24 months. In many cases, Invisalign and ClearCorrect can take 9 to 18 months to complete. While clear aligners are sometimes worn for a shorter overall amount of time compared to braces, their speed and effectiveness will ultimately depend on your consistency when wearing them.

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Achieving a straighter smile can result in improved overall wellness and quality of life. Not only will your smile be one you want to share with others, but straighter teeth help your jaw and facial muscles to function properly. Proper oral function reduces the risk of gum disease, jaw issues, and neck pain.

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