Childhood Dental Milestones

Closeup of a little girl with a few baby teeth before her first dental visit

While every child is different, there are general dental milestones every child will achieve. Having an idea of how your children’s teeth grow and change can alert you to possible issues, at which point we can step in and help. Bringing your child to our office for routine care also lets us catch problems early.

First Dental Visit

Children should visit the dentist when their first baby tooth erupts or by their first birthday. We’ll assess the beginning development of their teeth, gums, and jaw. This early visit also helps your child start to view the dentist in a positive way. We’ll discuss issues like proper tooth development, how to care for your child’s teeth, deterring prolonged thumbsucking, and preventing baby bottle tooth decay.

Full Set of Baby Teeth

By age three, the majority of children have a full set of baby teeth. If your child doesn’t have all their teeth yet, come see us. Having a full set of healthy baby teeth is important for speech development and adequate nutrition.

Losing Their First Baby Tooth

Most kids begin losing baby teeth around age 6. As the next few years go by, more baby teeth will fall out as the adult teeth grow in. Even though these teeth are falling out, daily oral hygiene is still important. The health of your child’s baby teeth has a big impact on the health of their emerging permanent teeth!

Full Set of Adult Teeth

By 12-13 years old, most kids have all their permanent teeth! Brushing, flossing, and regular visits to a dentist will keep your child’s smile healthy and strong.

Kids’ Dentistry in Indian Trail

At Pleasant Plains Dental, your family dentist in Indian Trail, our team strives to give everyone – including kids – a comfortable and positive experience. You can expect high-quality treatments like routine cleanings, exams, tooth-colored fillings, crowns, and more. Ready to make an appointment for your child? Please contact us today!