Custom Athletic Mouthguards

There are certain equipment and gear specific to each sport, but there is one piece that is necessary no matter what contact sport that you play – an athletic mouthguard. According to the American Dental Association, an athlete is 60 times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth when not wearing a mouthguard. Because each individual on the planet only has one set of permanent teeth, it is worth the extra effort to protect them. Sports related dental injuries are one of the most common reasons why athletes visit the emergency room each year in the United States. If wearing a mouthguard has never seemed quite that important before now, please understand that your oral health depends on it.

At Pleasant Plains Dental here in Indian Trail, North Carolina, we are proud to provide our patients with custom athletic mouthguards as part of our dental care services. Custom mouthguards are made from exact models of your own teeth to ensure that they will securely fit in the mouth and protect the teeth during athletic contact. While there are over the counter mouthguards available at any drug store across the country, there is simply no “one size fits all” approach to protecting your personal teeth. Take a look around your own family and friends and notice how different each of their mouths are – their teeth are shaped differently, their mouths are different shapes and sizes. Does it really seem appropriate to trust your teeth to a mouthguard that will “fit anyone”?

The dental specialists at Pleasant Plains Dental are here to provide custom athletic mouthguards for our patients. These mouthguards will be designed specifically for the shape and size of your mouth, so that it will provide the comfortable and protective fit that is necessary in protecting the teeth. Our experienced team at Pleasant Plains Dental provides customized athletic mouthguards to our patients who participate in any type of contact sport. Mouthguards should be a standard piece of equipment that is worn anytime you step out to play. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment.

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