Dental Nightguards

One of the most common dental treatments for morning headaches, jaw soreness, or teeth grinding or clenching is the use of a nightguard. Nightguards are appliances for the mouth that is worn while sleeping through the night in order to prevent teeth grinding and/or clenching. Nightguards work to cushion the teeth and protect the jaw from excessive pressure. Teeth that are constantly grinding or clenching will begin to wear down and cause the need for serious dental work. This pressure can also damage the jawbone, making it lock in place or constantly causing headaches.

Pleasant Plains Dental is proud to provide dental nightguards to our patients in Indian Trail, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. We place the highest emphasis on our patients’ entire oral health, and we understand the correlation between teeth clenching and grinding and the negative effects that follow. In order to treat the painful symptoms of nighttime grinding and/or clenching, and in order to prevent future damage and pain, dental nightguards can be provided to our patients. Our staff is here to ensure that your comfort and oral health remain a top priority. If you consistently wake up in the mornings with a headache, dull pain in the ears, shoulders, or neck, or have a spouse tell you that you are grinding your teeth while you sleep, please contact Pleasant Plains Dental today. We will be happy to help find the nightguard that is right for your teeth and oral health.

Prevent Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Nightguards are an effective tool to prevent teeth grinding and teeth clenching while you sleep. Bruxism is the medical term for the grinding and/or clenching the teeth, and it can cause serious oral health concerns, along with negatively impacting your daily life. Morning headaches, soreness in the jaw, ears, shoulders, or neck are all symptoms of teeth grinding and clenching and should be discussed with your dentist. The continual pressure of teeth clenching and the wearing down of tooth enamel from grinding can have extremely negative impacts on your oral health.

Dr. Henry J. Ernst, DMD, at Pleasant Plains Dental is here to help you find relief from jaw pain and protect your teeth from the stresses and pressure caused by teeth grinding and clenching. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment to discuss your symptoms and create a nightguard that is right for your mouth. We are here to promote optimal oral health so that you can have the healthy, comfortable, and beautiful smile that you deserve.