Fastbraces: How Are They Different?

Fastbraces logoIn keeping with top-notch technology and orthodontic advancements, many dentists have followed the trend towards faster and more affordable treatments for patients. This is not to say that quality is comprised, however. For instance, when it comes to Fastbraces, patients will find a proven track record of success and a rich history of product development. Even so, what are Fastbraces, and how are they different?

Used for cosmetic cases as well as comprehensive orthodontics, Fastbraces are, in a word—FAST. As a luxury, the time spent in treatment with Fastbraces is typically 20 weeks to one year, as opposed to two years with traditional braces. With 20 years of success during and after treatment, Fastbraces are also safe. With ease, most dental assistants can apply them.

Since 1992, the philosophy of Fastbraces has been founded in its custom design and comfortable wear. While other means of straightening teeth have been carefully executed, the conception of Fastbraces is one of superior craftsmanship. With many clinical trials and much time devoted to planning, less time is spent having to wear them. As an international brand, Fastbraces is an asset to dental providers and patients alike.

The patented triangular bracket used in Fastbraces moves the tooth and the root of the tooth at the onset of treatment. This is one key difference between these braces and traditional means. Typically, traditional forms of braces concentrate on moving the crown of the tooth during the first year. During the second year, the root of the tooth is manipulated. In addition, patients appreciate the comfort and painless wear that Fastbraces provide. Using only one wire, the patient’s natural bite is preserved, and tooth extraction is rarely required before application. Finally, the lower cost of Fastbraces make it an appealing choice for many patients.

When it comes to orthodontics, there are many factors to consider and even more options for obtaining the perfect smile. That’s why it’s important to schedule an orthodontic consultation.

At Pleasant Plains Dental, we recognize that every patient has unique needs and goals. No matter what you have in mind, you can be sure—we’ve got you covered. Dr. Ernst and the team at Pleasant Plains take great pride in listening to patients and personalizing treatment that will lead to success. Do you have questions about Fastbraces? Are they right for you? Call us today. We’re ready to help you realize your new smile. 

Posted on behalf of Dr. Henry J. Ernst, Pleasant Plains Dental