Is Fluoride Good for Teeth?

Close up of a woman's smile next to blue gloved hands holding a special dental mirror during her dental cleaning

At your biannual dental cleanings, have you received a fluoride treatment at the end? You may have not understood the benefits of fluoride at the time. Keep reading to learn about how fluoride can improve your smile so that you feel more informed going into your next dental appointment.

What Is Fluoride?

When bacteria eat your dietary sugar, they produce damaging acids that strip minerals from your tooth enamel. Demineralization in its early stages can be repaired with a healthy diet filled with calcium and phosphorus. Fluoride is another mineral that can fortify tooth enamel. Stronger enamel is less prone to developing tooth decay and cavities.

Dentists offer fluoride treatments during routine dental checkups and cleanings. A thin gel of concentrated fluoride is often brushed onto the teeth; it is then absorbed into the crystalline mineral structure of the enamel. Based on your oral health, you may benefit from a professional fluoride treatment once or twice a year.

Where to Find Fluoride

Many cities add fluoride to their community water supply. This means that drinking tap water can help strengthen your teeth and reduce your risk of cavities! Another way you can fortify your enamel is by brushing with fluoridated toothpaste twice a day for two minutes each time.

Schedule Your Next Dental Cleaning!

Has it been a while since you’ve had your teeth cleaned? If so, then you may also need a fluoride treatment! We recommend scheduling routine dental visits every six months. Plaque and tartar buildup around your teeth and gums makes you more susceptible to bad breath, enamel erosion, tooth decay, and gum disease.

At Pleasant Plains Dental, we offer a full suite of oral healthcare services and take the time to help you understand which treatments would benefit your smile. Please contact us to schedule an appointment at our office in Indian Trail, NC!