How to Clean Clear Aligners

Brunette woman smiles as she puts in her clean clear aligners in Indian Trail, NC

At Pleasant Plains Dental, we offer both Invisalign and ClearCorrect. These clear aligners straighten your teeth with gradual, gentle movement. Unlike traditional metal braces, you remove clear aligners to brush, floss, and eat. To prevent bacteria from building up in your aligners, you’ll need to keep them clean.

Here are some tips on how to clean your clean aligners!

1. Brush Aligners Daily

You brush your teeth every day; likewise, you should brush your aligners every day. We recommend cleaning them at least once a day with a clear antibacterial soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Why not toothpaste? Most are slightly abrasive and can scratch the aligner’s plastic material.

If you don’t brush your aligners every time you take them out, you should at least rinse them well with water.

2. Soak Aligners Daily

When you remove your aligners for eating or brushing, soak them instead of leaving them sitting out or wrapped in a napkin (which makes them more prone to breakage and loss). You can use a denture/retainer cleaner or Invisalign cleaning crystals.

3. Never Use Hot Water

You may think that hot water is a good way to kill germs, but hot water can warp your clear aligners. Even a tiny change in their shape can cause problems. When you’re rinsing or brushing your aligners, use cool or lukewarm water.

4. Brush Your Teeth

If you put your aligners back in your mouth and you haven’t cleaned your teeth, food particles get pressed against your teeth and inside the aligners. This will increase your chance of decay and discoloration. After eating, always brush (and ideally floss) your teeth. This ensures both your teeth and aligners stay clean!

Clear Aligners in Indian Trail, NC

Do you have mild to moderate alignment issues? You could be a good candidate for clear aligners. While some patients find clear aligners are more convenient than traditional braces, they do come with unique maintenance requirements. But if you stick to a good oral hygiene routine, visit our office as recommended, and clean your aligners, your smile will stay healthy during your treatment.

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