3 Ways to Have a Whiter Smile

Brunette man in an orange polo smiles with a whiter smile

Unhappy with the color of your smile? Fortunately, there’s something you can do about that! In this blog post, we give tips for achieving and maintaining a whiter, brighter smile.

1. Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

First of all, you need to deal with any discoloration that you already have. While you could head to the store and buy a whitening kit, an over-the-counter product won’t deliver the results you’re looking for. But at Pleasant Plains Dental, professional teeth whitening is safe, effective, and proven to deliver real results every time. It’s convenient, quick, and will make your smile multiple shades lighter.

2. Avoid Stains

Now that you’ve transformed your smile with professional whitening, it’s important that you maintain it. While you’ve got to go about your daily life eating and drinking, there are things you can do to avoid staining your teeth. Number one is to quit smoking if you are a smoker. Avoid other tobacco products as well. Additionally, reduce your intake of coffee, tea, and red wine, which contain dark pigments that can stain teeth.

3. Maintain Daily Oral Hygiene

An essential step to keeping your teeth white is to commit to a fantastic oral care routine. That means brushing your teeth at least twice daily for two minutes each time and flossing daily. It’s also important that you see the dentist on a biannual basis for your cleaning and exam.

Indian Trail Cosmetic Dentist

It’s a new year, which is a great time to think about transforming your smile. Here at Pleasant Plains Dental, we offer a variety of cosmetic options to improve your smile, including veneers, lumineers, snap-on smiles, and two different types of teeth whitening. Contact us today to set up your cosmetic consultation!