Invisalign and ClearCorrect: Invisible Options for Straight Teeth

Pleasant Plains NCS Invisalign ProviderThe late 1990’s brought a revolutionary new form of straightening teeth called Invisalign. Quickly gaining popularity around the world, dental professionals and patients alike applauded this clear way of straightening teeth that were overcrowded, misaligned, or gapped. In 2006, another alternative called ClearCorrect was introduced. Very similar to Invisalign, ClearCorrect is slightly advanced and also uses clear aligners to straighten teeth. While Invisalign is a global brand and ClearCorrect is a product of the United States, both prove to be fantastic options for straightening teeth, and are virtually unnoticeable.

Chances are, you’ve heard of Invisalign. It is almost as common as the word braces these days. Yet, ClearCorrect is newer, and perplexing to some. There are several ways that Invisalign and ClearCorrect are similar. For instance, both products are made of clear plastic. Both contain aligners that are removable. These aligners are custom-fit trays, and are non-invasive. Both products adjust the teeth in small increments, with new aligners being introduced at each phase (for example, one set of aligners will be worn for 2-4 weeks, then will be traded for a new set). Patients receive personalized treatment with both products, and the length of treatment will depend on the position of the teeth and the patient’s desired results.

Pleasant Plains NC ClearCorrect DentistsThe benefits of straightening teeth in a discreet, non-conspicuous way are obvious. This can be achieved with both Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Yet, there are a few slight differences that should be noted. In general, ClearCorrect is more affordable. Aside from cost, one major advantage to ClearCorrect aligners is their specially designed smooth surface, known to withstand clouding after being worn. Some also claim that the overall fit of these aligners is better, more comfortable, and less likely to irritate the inside of the mouth. The bottom line is that while there are clear options for straightening teeth, the choice may not always be clear.

At Pleasant Plains Dental, our goal is to help you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve. We specialize in Invisalign and ClearCorrect aligner therapies, and encourage you to call today to schedule your consultation. While both are great options, we believe that there’s a clear choice for you.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Henry J. Ernst, Pleasant Plains Dental