Isolite®: A Comfortable Way To Experience Dental Care

Indian Trail NC DentistsWould you like to experience your dental procedure more comfortably and up to 50% faster? If you choose a dentist who uses Isolite, you certainly can. Isolite is one of the many ways that technology has improved the field of dentistry. This tool illuminates the oral cavity from within the mouth, while isolating certain areas of the mouth with a special mouthpiece. This is a system that benefits both dentist and patient. The patient can remain more comfortable without straining jaw muscles and the dentist is provided a clearer and better workspace within the mouth. The Isolite is also enabled with suction and rinsing features, which can eliminates multiple breaks during the procedure and speeds up the overall appointment time.

Patient Comfort Benefits

Although any benefit to your dentist is a benefit to you as the patient, there are some highlighted advantages of Isolite that directly relates to patient comfort:

  • Eliminates jaw pain from holding your mouth open during a dental cleaning or other procedure.
  • Reduces neck and back pain associated with being in the dental chair long periods of time.
  • Provides suction and rinsing so you do not have to endure the need to spit during a procedure.
  • Sizable and hypoallergenic mouthpiece that is latex-free.

Better Care From Your Dentist

The Isolite is definitely mutually beneficial for patient and doctor. Here are some important ways that it can improve your dentist’s ability to provide effective care:

  • Increases visibility. The light is free of shadows and reduces eye strain for the dentist or hygienist.
  • Provides more efficient dental procedures without the need to take breaks for the patient to rest their jaw or rinse pooled water and saliva.
  • Reduces worker fatigue with its ergonomically-friendly design.
  • Isolates the tongue as well as certain teeth.
  • Results in happier patients!

The Isolite mouthpiece is a very safe tool that can be used on children and senior citizens alike. It is designed with patient comfort in mind, so the material does not irritate gum tissues or teeth during use.

At Pleasant Plains Dental, we are committed to creating a positive and rewarding dental experience. Often times that means adopting the latest that dental technology has to offer to keep you most comfortable. The Isolite is an example of the extra measures we take to improve your dental care experience, whether it is during a routine cleaning or a full-mouth restoration.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Henry J. Ernst, Pleasant Plains Dental