Microdontia: What You Need To Know

Indian Trail NC Dentist That Provides Smile MakeoversWhile genetic factors play a role in many areas of development, they also determine how teeth emerge. This explains why the size, shape and spacing between teeth are often similar to that of a parent. Even so, while physical characteristics of teeth are inherited, so are oral health problems. One example is Microdontia, which is a condition in which teeth are very small, resembling primary (baby) teeth. Colgate reports that when teeth are too small, they may not fit together properly. As a result, teeth do not chew appropriately, and this causes excessive wear and tear.

Your Smile Can Be Improved

Advancements in dentistry have awarded dental professionals the ability to restore teeth and improve smiles for those with Microdontia. This is good news! What’s more is that conservative methods such as bonding, porcelain veneers and crowns are often all that’s needed to transform the size and shape of teeth. While teeth take on an “adult” appearance, they are also strengthened.

The ADA (American Dental Association) notes the following treatment options for patients with Microdontia:

  • Composites: When you hear the word composite, you might think of a filling. If so, you are right. However, tooth-colored composites can be bonded to the front surfaces of teeth as well. Fortunately, very little natural tooth structure is removed beforehand, providing a conservative, yet pleasing solution for teeth affected by Microdontia.
  • Veneers: Designed to cover the front surface of a tooth, veneers are customized to fit. While they are used for teeth that are severely stained, chipped or decayed, they are also a suitable restoration for teeth that are too small.
  • Crowns: As a versatile restoration, crowns have the ability to transform a tooth to its normal size and shape, while also improving its appearance and strength. In addition, crowns are used for large fillings, as an attachment for bridges and as protection for weak or broken teeth.

At Pleasant Plains Dental, we understand that when Microdontia affects teeth, it may cause individuals to feel insecure about their smile. Most importantly, however, it may lead to tooth decay and tooth loss. Thus, if your teeth are too small and are beginning to appear worn down, it’s important that you call Dr. Ernst and the team today. With a complete menu of restorative treatments, we can help restore the appearance and strength of your smile.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Henry J. Ernst, Pleasant Plains Dental