Will Orthodontic Treatment Affect My Speech & Eating Habits?

Two female friends, one with braces, smile and talk as they prepare banana pudding

There are many types of orthodontic treatments, such as traditional braces and clear aligners. Each treatment will necessitate special accommodations as you adapt to wearing your new orthodontic appliance.

Adaptation Period

It will take a little bit for your mouth to adjust to your orthodontic appliance. During the adaptation period, you may experience some discomfort, tooth sensitivity, and overall soreness. This may temporarily affect your eating habits. You may benefit from eating a soft food diet, similar to if you had just gotten a tooth extraction. Additionally, you may benefit from occasionally taking an over-the-counter pain reliever to help minimize any discomfort you feel during this time.

Altered Speech

Most patients report some slight changes in speech, such as difficulty pronouncing certain words and having a small lisp. This is a completely normal occurrence as the lips and tongue adjust to the new materials in the mouth. Once you become more accustomed to the orthodontic appliances, you should be able to speak with ease.

Dietary Changes

When wearing braces, there are some prohibited foods you need to stay away from during your treatment. Hard, sticky, and very chewy foods can damage your braces and get stuck in the brackets and wires, increasing your risk of decay. For clear aligner therapy, your aligners must be removed when you eat or drink anything other than water. It’s important to follow these guidelines to prevent issues with your treatment.

Speech & Eating Will Improve Over Time

One of the main benefits of orthodontics is that it repositions the teeth and bite. This can actually help improve speech over time if your alignment issues have caused speech impediments. Straightening your teeth and fixing a misaligned bite can also make it easier to bite into food and eat without particles getting stuck in gaps or between crooked teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment in Indian Trail, NC

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