Pediatric Dentistry: Promoting Dental Health For Life

Indian Trail NC Children's Dentist

Devoting their time and attention to serving little patients from birth to adolescence, pediatric dentists are among a special group of dental professionals that promote healthyhabits and good dental health for life. As recommended by the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), parents should schedule their child’s first dental appointment within six months after their first tooth erupts. Not only does this provide an opportunity for the dentist to examine the structure of teeth as they come in, it allows for early detection and treatment of decay before it becomes a bigger concern. In turn, children that visit the dentist early in life are more likely to develop a trusting relationship with their dentist, and will continue good oral care habits as they grow.

Aside from cleaning teeth and gums, checking for decay, and establishing healthy dental care, pediatric dentists become an invaluable resource for parents as children age. For instance, when children are young, parents have a greater influence on brushing techniques and how to floss effectively. Yet, they also influence what children eat. Surprisingly to some, what children eat is just as important as how and when they brush their teeth. As a rule, it’s best to stay away from foods that are rich in sugar and starch. In the same way, children shouldn’t be allowed to go to sleep with juice or milk in a bottle or sippy cup. When children consume foods high in sugar and starches, their teeth are repeatedly “attacked” by acids. In turn, when acidic beverages stay on teeth all night, bacteria grow and tooth decay and inflammation are sure to follow.

Without question, primary teeth are important. While these teeth will eventually loosen and fall out, they hold important spaces for permanent teeth to emerge.

Comprehensive, Personalized Dentistry For All Ages

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