How to Prepare Your Child for the Dentist

A mom and dad smile as they play dinosaurs with their son and daughter on the living room floor

We understand that for kids, and even adults, the dentist can feel scary and intimidating. But routinely bringing your child to the dentist early on will help them become more comfortable visiting the dentist. Here are some ways you can start preparing your child for their dental visit so that they have a positive experience!

Talk About Their Dental Visit with Excitement

While preparing your child for their trip to the dentist, we recommend talking about it with excitement and enthusiasm. When you are excited about something, it can rub off on your child and give them more of a positive outlook.

Help Them Know What to Expect

Kids won’t be able to fully understand the intricacies of dental treatments while they’re young. However, you can give them a basic rundown of what they can expect during their visit to help calm their nerves.

We recommend going over checking in and getting to hang out in the lobby. At Pleasant Plains Dental, we have a play area and video games. When it’s time for their appointment, they’ll lay back in a comfy chair. They can relax with a pillow and blanket as they watch cartoons. Our team will have them open their mouth so we can look at and clean their teeth with special tools and rinse their mouth with water. Afterwards, they’ll get a goodie bag and choose a prize from our treasure chest.

Bring a Comfort Object

We recommend bringing your child’s favorite blanket or stuffed animal. Having something familiar from their own from home can help them feel more comfortable.

Gentle, Kid-Friendly Dentist in Indian Trail, NC

Looking for a trusted dental home for your family in Indian Trail, NC? At Pleasant Plains Dental, we are passionate about patients of all ages, including kids and teens, have a positive, stress-free experience at the dentist! We also offer relaxing dental sedation options. Please contact us today to schedule your child’s visit at our office.