How to Properly Floss with Tight Teeth

Brunette woman with striped shirt smiles after successfully flossing her tight teeth

Just like snowflakes, each and every smile is totally unique. And with that comes a unique set of challenges to keeping that smile in tip-top shape. For example, some of us are cavity-prone and others suffer from dry mouth or bad breath. In this post, we’ll talk about solutions for patients who deal with tight teeth.

Do You Have Tight Teeth?

For some, our teeth have grown in such a way that they become a bit crowded, even after orthodontic treatment. “Tight teeth” are very closely spaced, leaving little room in between each of them. This can make flossing very difficult, painful, and frustrating with a lot of floss broken halfway through. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can ease the struggle that flossing with tight teeth tends to pose.

Master the Technique

If you’ve been avoiding flossing because it’s uncomfortable or tricky, let’s review. You’ll want to grab about 18 inches of floss and wrap the excess around your fingers, holding a taut portion of the floss between them, small enough to maneuver inside of your mouth. Guide the floss around the edge of each tooth, between that tooth and its neighbor. Take extra care to get under the gumline, where debris may also be hiding, and scrape along each tooth’s surface. You’ll repeat this between all of your teeth, at least once a day.

Choose the Right Floss

There are a lot of different types of floss out there on the market. If your teeth are packed in tight, you’ll want to pay close attention next time you stock up. With regular string floss, opt for a ribbon-style floss. This type of floss will easily glide through the tight spaces between your teeth, dislodging plaque and debris, without shredding or getting stuck. Plackers makes a line of disposable flossers, GentleSlide, that are ideal for people with tight teeth. With shred-resistant floss and a design that’s a breeze to maneuver around the mouth, these flossers make flossing with close teeth easy. You may need to experiment with several types of floss until you find a brand that works for your unique smile.

Additionally, consider investing in a water flosser. This nifty gadget shoots a stream of pressurized water between your teeth and below your gumline to dislodge debris. This is an especially handy tool for those with braces, bridges, permanent retainers, and wisdom teeth. It may take a little bit to get the hang of it, so be patient with yourself if you spray water everywhere the first few times. But once you figure out how to manuever it, you may even find that you enjoy flossing with water! Be sure to always use warm water though, in case you have any areas of sensitivity.

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