Tips for Eating with Invisalign

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A healthy diet is crucial for overall well-being. When you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, you might wonder how to balance your dietary habits with the requirements of your orthodontic journey. Fortunately, mealtime with Invisalign® treatment is much easier to navigate than when wearing braces.

Invisalign treatment doesn’t mean you need to give up your favorite foods or eliminate healthful foods that would otherwise be damaging if you were wearing braces. With proper planning and mindfulness, your Invisalign treatment will minimally disrupt your daily routine and won’t compromise your mealtime enjoyment and nutrition. You can continue to enjoy a wide variety of foods while working towards a beautiful and straight smile!

Here are several tips for eating with Invisalign:

1. Remove Aligners Before Eating

One of the significant benefits of Invisalign is that they are removable. Before you begin any meal, be sure to take out your aligners and store them safely in their case. This practice prevents food from damaging your aligners and getting trapped between your teeth and your aligners.

2. Snack Smartly

If you typically snack throughout the day, opt for choices that can be easily brushed and rinsed away before putting your aligners back in. It’s best to avoid sugary and sticky treats that can linger on your teeth. Yogurt, smoothies, fresh fruits and veggies, hummus, cheese, and nuts are snacks that are satisfying and filling, which can help reduce your overall desire to snack. Then, brush your teeth and rinse your aligners before putting them back in.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is not only essential for your body to stay hydrated and functioning properly, but it also helps rinse away food particles and keep your mouth fresh. You can still wear your aligners when drinking water. But if you drink anything other than water, you must remove your aligners to prevent staining and warping.

4. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

After every snack and meal, brush your teeth and rinse your aligners thoroughly to keep them clean and clear. This habit also reduces unwanted odors and staining.

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