Tooth Colored Fillings

Many people these days are very concerned with the appearance of their smiles, and having a cavity filled is no exception. While dental fillings have previously been mostly made from amalgam materials, today tooth colored fillings are becoming the increasingly popular choice among patients. Tooth colored fillings have the advantage of blending in naturally with the other teeth in your mouth so that your dental filings are not noticeable by others. Pleasant Plains Dental is proud to offer our patients the option of tooth colored fillings as part of our comprehensive dental care services. These natural looking fillings are made up of composite resin that can be color matched to mimic the natural color of your teeth.

At Pleasant Plains Dental, we are committed to using the latest cutting-edge technology and advancements in dentistry to serve our patients with the highest standards in oral health care. If you have to have a dental filling and are concerned with how it affect the appearance of your smile, tooth colored fillings are available for seamless, natural-looking dental restoration.

Dental Fillings in Indian Trail, NC

Dental fillings are used as a method of restoring the teeth’s integrity and function. Dental cavities are the leading cause of people needing dental fillings. Cavities are holes created in the teeth enamel due to decay. These holes must be cleaned and “filled” in order to prevent tooth infection and tooth loss. Dental fillings are typically made from amalgam (an alloy of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and zinc), porcelain, a composite resin (for tooth colored fillings), and gold. There is no one type of filling material that is best for every person, so the extent of your cavity and how your body tolerates certain materials will determine the materials that will be used for your dental fillings.

Only your dentist can detect whether your tooth has a cavity. There are times when people will mistakenly assume that they have a cavity because they have a tooth that is darker in the middle than others. Many times these dark places are simply stains from coffee, tea, or other staining beverages and do not require dental work. However, if you are ever concerned that a tooth may be infected between regular dental visits, it is imperative that you call your dentist and make an appointment for an evaluation. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Pleasant Plains Dental is proud to offer complete and comprehensive dental care to patients in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and become a member of our dental practice family.