What Do You Know About Laser Dentistry?

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Keeping in step with the emergence of dental technologies, laser dentistry offers advanced precision and effectiveness across many dental procedures, and is a welcome addition for patients experiencing dental anxiety. Yet, what do you really know about laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry (whether used for soft gum tissues or tooth structures) allows for concentrated focus on one area without the threat of damaging surrounding teeth or tissues. Even so, consider the following benefits of laser dentistry:

  • When lasers are used on soft tissues, sutures or stitches may not be necessary.
  • Anesthesia is not required when using lasers for certain treatments.
  • Bleeding is minimal, as the light beam from the laser helps exposed blood vessels to clot. This results in less blood loss.
  • Lasers contain a high-energy beam that provides sterilization to the area being treated. Thus, the presence of bacterial infections decreases.
  • Healing is faster as tissues are regenerated.

Types Of Lasers Used In Dentistry

Hard Tissue Lasers: Providing ultimate precision for prepping and shaping teeth for dental bonding and fillings, hard tissue lasers contain a wavelength that enables them to cut through hard tooth structures and bone. Specific hard tissue lasers used are the Erbium YAG and the Erbium Chromium YSGG.

Soft Tissue Lasers: Remarkably, soft tissue lasers have the ability to cut through tissues while sealing blood vessels and nerve endings. While this promotes fast healing, there is also no pain or discomfort reported following their use. Thus, soft tissue lasers are becoming an integral part of shaping and sculpting gingival tissues in a variety of dental procedures. The Neodymium YAG and diode lasers are specific types of soft tissue lasers used.

Aside from preparing teeth and shaping gum tissues, dental lasers are widely used for viewing the insides of teeth as well as sealing tubules that cause tooth sensitivity. With no clear end in sight, the application of laser dentistry is sure to continue changing the way in which dental treatments and procedures are performed, with benefits for both the professional and the patient.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Henry J. Ernst, Pleasant Plains Dental