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Fastbraces: How Are They Different?

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 13-Jun-16 13:36.
In keeping with top-notch technology and orthodontic advancements, many dentists have followed the trend towards faster and more affordable treatments for patients. This is not to say that quality is comprised, however. For instance, when it comes to Fastbraces, patients will find a proven track record of success and a rich history of product development.

Sedation Dentistry: Freedom From Your Dental Fears

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 09-May-16 11:16.
It’s estimated that nearly 75 million Americans experience some degree of fear when it comes to visiting the dentist. Some have had traumatic experiences, while others simply fear undergoing a routine dental exam.

Halitosis: A Real Breath Condition

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 04-Apr-16 16:06.
Halitosis, or bad breath, is estimated to be the third most frequent reason for individuals to seek dental care. In fact, nearly 20% of Americans are affected by this condition. Yet, not all who think that they have Halitosis have a genuine problem. If you suspect that you have bad breath, it’s important to know that it may not be your fault.

Debunking Root Canal Myths

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 10-Mar-16 19:20.
It is quite unfortunate that root canals have gotten such a bad reputation. This is largely due to the fact that there are a number of myths that surround a root canal procedure. The truth is, when performed by a skilled dentist, root canals are incredibly effective procedures that can save your smile and your overall health. A root canal is used to restore heavily damaged teeth and stop the spread of infection through the body.

3D Cone Beam Technology: A New Dimension in Dentistry

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 06-Mar-16 15:50.
Cone Beam Imaging, a relatively new form of technology, incorporates a third dimension to dentistry. This method has transformed how dentists gather information, diagnose, and treat patients by leaps and bounds.

Invisalign and ClearCorrect: Invisible Options for Straight Teeth

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 12-Feb-16 17:06.
The late 1990’s brought a revolutionary new form of straightening teeth called Invisalign. Quickly gaining popularity around the world, dental professionals and patients alike applauded this clear way of straightening teeth that were overcrowded, misaligned, or gapped.

Is Your Toothbrush in Shape?

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 09-Feb-16 00:17.
When is the last time you bought a new toothbrush? If you are struggling to come up with the answer, it is probably safe to assume you need a new one.

Dry Mouth Dangers

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 12-Jan-16 17:16.
Dry mouth can present possible future dental issues if not addressed quickly. Don't risk your oral health when it comes to a lack of saliva.

Wisdom Teeth: Why Risk It?

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 09-Dec-15 17:14.
Having your wisdom teeth removed can be scary for some people. Is having wisdom teeth removal a necessity? Find out.

Using Lasers to Treat Gum Disease

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 11-Nov-15 15:05.
Gum disease has long been associated with tooth loss. Without treatment, gum disease can lead to more serious health complications.

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