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Do You Know The Signs of Oral Cancer?

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 14-Oct-15 17:44.
Oral cancer is quickly becoming one of the most prevalent forms of cancer affecting millions of people. Do you know how to spot potential oral cancer?

Protecting Our Local Athletes

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 31-Aug-15 22:21.
Dental trauma often happens during contact sports. If you have a child participating in these types of sporting events, you may want to considering protecting their oral health with the use of mouthguards.

Isolite®: A Comfortable Way To Experience Dental Care

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 18-Aug-15 02:03.
Would you like to experience your dental procedure more comfortably and up to 50% faster? If you choose a dentist who uses Isolite, you certainly can. Isolite is one of the many ways that technology has improved the field of dentistry. This tool illuminates the oral cavity from within the mouth, while isolating certain areas of the mouth with a special mouthpiece. This is a system that benefits both dentist and patient. The patient can remain more comfortable without straining jaw muscles and the dentist is provided a clearer and better workspace within the mouth. The Isolite is also enabled with suction and rinsing features, which can eliminates multiple breaks during the procedure and speeds up the overall appointment time.

Beautiful Smile, Confident You

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 18-Aug-15 02:03.
Your smile is like an accessory that you wear every day. Much like just the right earrings or tie, a beautiful smile can complement your outfit, make your eyes stand out, and have heads turning just to catch one more glimpse of your pearly whites.

Worst Foods for your Teeth

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 18-Aug-15 02:01.

Sometimes, tooth decay comes as a surprise to patients. They brush and floss regularly, they come in for their routine cleaning every 6 months.

Pleasant Plains Dental Article

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 18-Aug-15 01:42.

Pleasant Plains Dental Office - December 2014

Our dental office was featured in the paper when it was still brand new in December 2014.

Dr. Ernst at Indian Trails Elementary School

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 18-Aug-15 01:41.

Dr. Ernst believes that all of his patience deserve quality care that is tailored to their needs by considering not just their dental hygiene, but other factors such as age and personality. It's how he's able to make patients young to old feel comfortable in the dental chair.

Unexpected Uses for your Toothbrush

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 18-Aug-15 01:39.

Unexpected uses for your Toothbrush

Every time you go to the dentist, you get to take home a shiny new toothbrush, right? If you’ve started a collection, it’s time to

Healthy Foods for your Teeth

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 18-Aug-15 01:36.

Keep Your Chomper Healthy

Brushing and flossing are important daily habits for good oral health and hygiene.

Pleasant Plains Dental New Patients

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 18-Aug-15 01:30.

New Patient Specials at Pleasant Plains Dental

Pleasant Plains Dental New Patient Specials

Looking for a new dentist? Come see Dr.

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