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What Tools Does the Dentist Use?

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 25-Jan-19 19:54.
Check out Pleasant Plains Dental's blog to learn about a few items in a dental tool kit, including a sickle probe, scaler, saliva ejector, and dental drill.

Our Dental Office Is Open on Saturdays!

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 12-Dec-18 20:21.
At Pleasant Plains Dental, we understand how busy our patients are. That’s why we offer the convenience of Saturday and extended office hours!

Lasers Are the Future of Dentistry

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 19-Nov-18 20:57.
Read our blog post to learn about the benefits and uses of lasers in our dental practice.

Why Do My Teeth Hurt After Eating Acidic Foods?

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 13-Nov-18 21:03.
Read our Pleasant Plains Dental blog to learn why your teeth might hurt after eating acidic foods. Contact us if you are experiencing sensitive teeth.

Don't Let Dental Care Break the Bank

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 13-Sep-18 20:07.
Read Pleasant Plain Dental's blog to learn about our in-office Dental Saver's Plan that keeps your budget, your needs & your family in mind. Enroll today!

How Can I Get My Chipped or Broken Tooth Fixed?

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 30-Aug-18 21:07.
Embarrassed about a chipped or broken tooth? Read our blog post to learn how Pleasant Plains Dental can use natural-looking Lumineers to restore your smile!

Caring For Your Teeth With Braces

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 09-Jan-18 16:02.
There’s no doubt that neglecting your oral health can lead to serious problems. That’s why dental professionals devote ample amounts of time and energy educating patients about the importance of regular dental care and good oral care at home. Yet, with tiny crevices, as well as brackets, wires, elastic bands and other appliances, the level of care and responsibility is far greater when an individual has braces. Thus, to better understand how to care for your teeth with braces, continue reading below.

Understanding Gingivitis

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 14-Dec-17 15:04.
When it comes to bleeding gums, dentists find that many individuals assume that a little bleeding here and there is okay. In reality, it’s important to take bleeding gums seriously, particularly if they are red and irritated. These are signs of Gingivitis, and though it is the mildest form of gum disease, it is also a precursor to advanced disease and periodontitis.

The Effects of Acid on Teeth Enamel

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 28-Nov-17 16:16.
When it comes to the effects of acid on tooth enamel, it all comes down to having the right balance and the right aftercare. Yet, the reality is—most individuals do not consider what’s happening to their teeth when they are simply enjoying a glass of lemonade or when they’re indulging in their favorite starchy holiday foods. That’s why dental professionals spend ample time helping patients understand the effects of acid and how it leads to tooth decay.

Microdontia: What You Need To Know

Submitted by Dr. Ernst on 23-Oct-17 14:12.
While genetic factors play a role in many areas of development, they also determine how teeth emerge. This explains why the size, shape and spacing between teeth are often similar to that of a parent. Even so, while physical characteristics of teeth are inherited, so are oral health problems.

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